My Background

I grew up in Bolingbrook IL, a south west suburb of Chicago. Loras College brought me to Dubuque and it is where I graduated in 1995. I was fortunate enough to meet my wife Karin on the Loras Track & Field Team. Even though she was a fast sprinter I somehow was able to catch her. Not bad for a slow pole-vaulter. Karin is a Dubuque native and upon graduation it was clear that we were staying in the area. A decision I welcomed at the time and am still extremely happy about as we raise our two kids in the beautiful tri-state area.

Position and Job Responsibilities

As Premier Bank's Business Development Officer, I mainly focus on two areas. Prospecting for new commercial loans or business deposits, and visiting with existing accounts to review and explore options to help businesses realize success.

My Approach

My approach to building new business relationships is simple. Meetings are focused around finding out more about your company, industry and a little about how your business banking supports your company or organizational goals. Having the chance to become more familiar with one another will help with any future opportunities. When the time comes to evaluate your business banking relationship, we will at least be familiar with each other.

Frequent Feedback

The feedback I hear from clients that is of most value to them is the fact that our decisions are local and we can move quickly with those decisions. The structuring of commercial loans we offer is designed to allow our clients to best leverage THEIR money. Clients are amazed to find we have a no nuisance fee business checking account which in a lot of cases saves hundreds of dollars a month. I consistently hear our cash management set-up, interface and capabilities truly set us apart. Being the first to market with remote deposit and offering free courier service for daily pick-up of deposits, we continue to change the competitive landscape for banks in Dubuque.

What We Offer

When I do have a chance to share what Premier has to offer I again keep it simple. Premier Bank provides convenience, competency, privacy, respect and security.