Premier Bank is putting a new twist on the term “pickers.” They refer to their new Adopt a Highway clean-up crew as Arterial Pickers. Rather than looking for antiques they can purchase and resell, as the original American pickers do in the History Channel TV series American Pickers featuring two Iowans (Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz), the rotating group of bank employees is on diligent patrol for discarded liter they can bag and remove to enhance the roadside esthetics.

The first roadside clean-up will be held on Saturday, July 14, 2012 starting at the Premier Bank parking lot at 2625 NW Arterial Road. The crew will head out and remove liter in a stretch of the NW Arterial that runs approximately from the Asbury to Pennsylvania intersections. At the completion of the event, bank employees will head back to the NW Arterial bank office for lunch.

Donning typical professional business attire Monday thru Friday, bank employees welcome the opportunity to slip into shorts and a bright orange vest for a few hours.

Todd Link, Senior Vice President Operations, Chief Risk Officer, notes that it is these and other volunteer events that define community banking. “Premier Bank is a locally-owned, locally-focused community bank. We take pride in our active employee participation and volunteer involvement. At the end of the day, all volunteers play an incredibly important role in creating the quality of life we enjoy in this area.”

Wish to catch a glimpse of your favorite bankers? Honk as you pass them on the NW Arterial Saturday, July 14 from 9-11:30 AM. While Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz may not be involved be assured this group of volunteers is combing the roadside with the same keen eyesight.

Premier Bank is a local community bank with $250 million in assets.