DUBUQUE, IA—Friends of Homacho is a non-profit organization operating out of Dubuque, Iowa, that was formed as a result of a mentorship between Don Koppes, a retired Dubuque Community School District teacher, and Argaw Oremo, Homacho, Ethiopia resident who came to the States to pursue a better life. Koppes eventually accompanied Oremo to his hometown to witness his wedding, where he saw an obvious need for assistance in the small village. Friends of Homacho was formed in 2011 and is dedicated to improving the resources and opportunities for those living in Homacho, Ethiopia and nearby areas. The organization is currently fundraising for the purchase and installation of proper piping to provide consistent water into the village of approximately 8,000 people. Recently, Friends of Homacho received a pledge of $6 thousand in the name of Premier Bank.

“The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, is passionate about what we’re trying to do for this village, and is pledging $6 thousand dollars in the name of Premier Bank. The donor stated they would not be where they are today without Premier Bank, and therefore wanted to make the donation in the bank’s name,” said Koppes, member of the Friends of Homacho board of directors. “The donation is pledged as a match. The total fundraising goal is $12 thousand, and once we raise $6 thousand, the donor will provide the match in Premier Bank’s name,” said Koppes.

Jeffrey Mozena, President and CEO of Premier Bank, is honored by the named pledge. “It is great to hear success stories from people we have been able to impact in such a positive way. It is what we do, and who we are—a community bank that believes in people and their potential. We are thrilled to hear the donor has chosen to give back to such a worthy cause,” said Mozena.

Premier Bank will kick off the pledge match by donating $1,000 to the cause, leaving only $5,000 left to raise to reach the fundraising goal. “We sometimes take for granted the everyday necessities of life to survive—water is one of those needs, and it is sad to see so many suffer simply because they do not have a proper supply of water. We can truly make a huge impact on the people of this village,” said Koppes.

Donations can be mailed or dropped off at any of Premier Bank’s three locations in the name of: Friends of Homacho NGO. You may also mail donations to: Friends of Homacho NGO, 2115 Embassy West Drive, Dubuque, IA 52002. Friends of Homacho is a registered non-profit and you may want to consult your tax advisor regarding possible tax-deductible benefits associated with a charitable donation. For more information on Friends of Homacho, please visit www.friendsofhomacho.org
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