Premier Bank announces the completion and installation of six custom architecturally designed and handcrafted planters at their 9th and Iowa Street office. Each planter is five foot by five foot square and was designed by local architect Jeffrey Morton from Jeffrey Morton and Associates. The planter design was custom to fit the new streetscape connecting the warehouse district to Dubuque’s downtown.

Taking Morton’s architectural work to construction was Jim Avery from Avery Railing a well known and respected local metal fabricator. The six planters contain over 10,000 total hand welds and each side of the six planters display hand bended and hand weaved metal slats. Toping each handcrafted planter is local limestone cut and placed by another local business professional Fred Becker.

According to Jeffrey Mozena, President and CEO, “The planters are truly a unique work of art. When we were notified that the new streetscape planned to pass our 9th and Iowa Street office, we immediately began working with City of Dubuque officials, Jeff Morton, Jim Avery, and Fred Becker to come up with an attractive planter design that elevates the look and enhances the streetscape that passes in front of our office.”

One of the benefits with the planters is the ability to control the quality and look of plantings in the planter. Each planter sits several feet above the sidewalk which will prevent road grime and salt from affecting soil conditions. Another benefit is the ability to switch out plantings based on the season.

Mozena noted, “Jeff Morton, Jim Avery, and Fred Becker have hit a home run from our perspective. We look forward to generations of passerby’s to enjoy their work.”

Premier Bank has $250 million in assets and three locations in Dubuque.