We have become aware of a text messaging scam in which members of local financial institutions are receiving text messages advising their ATM/debit card has been deactivated. So far, we have not seen this activity with Premier Bank clients. The message prompts them to call 309-550-7300 and if they do so, they are asked to input card information. Thus far, the text messages appear to originate from 309-361-2993, but citizens are reminded that the incoming/originating number on caller ID or text message can be fabricated to appear as though the call/text is from a legitimate source,and/or to hide the actual number from which the call/text is originating.

Preventative measures remain the same with this, and all other types of scams: always take time to verify the source and never provide money, account information and/or personal information to anyone unless you are absolutely positive the request is legitimate. Premier Bank will never ask for personal information via text message. Contact your financial institution and/or local law enforcement if you believe you are being scammed or would like assistance in verifying the authenticity of the inquiry.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact us at 563-588-1000.