It is that time of the year again with Fraudsters are looking to take advantage of busy holiday shoppers. One of the most recent frauds being circulated arrives in a fake email stating “You have an overnight package delivery to confirm.” The fraudsters are presently posing as FedEx but do not be surprised if we see other spoofed shipping companies.

NOTE: Shipping companies do not send emails asking you to “confirm” delivery of a package. By opening the email and clicking on the “confirm delivery” link, your computer will be infected with various types of harmful software (web tracking, key logging, password capture, etc).

Some common tips we can all take to avoid being a victim:

  1. Do not open email from someone you do not know.
  2. An existing vendor (company, bank, credit card, shipper etc) will not call or email and ask for additional information. They already possess the information they need!
  3. If you receive a suspicious call, NEVER provide any information. Take down the individuals name and place of employment. Use the telephone book to look up that businesses phone number as listed in the telephone book and return the call that way. DO NOT USE THE CALL BACK NUMBER FRAUDSTERS PROVIDE.
  4. Never click on any pop ups that appear when you are on the Internet.
  5. Nothing is FREE. Avoid tempting offers of free products, free services, and other offers that are too good to be true.
  6. Do business with our local merchants (helps the local economy and offers greater peace of mind over some web firms). If you do decide to purchase products from online companies please do so only with known and respected vendors.
  7. Be aware, be vigilant against fraud, be cautious with who you share information and card information.

And above all else, if you suspect a possible fraud, do additional research, contact your local bank or the Federal Trade Commission at www.ftc.gov/idtheft.