Sometimes a little extra money can help ease a tight budget. We offer low-interest financing and our flexible terms and affordable payment options to give you some breathing room in your budget. Whether you are buying a home, building an addition or just looking to consolidate your debt, our lenders are trained to make the process of getting a loan as simple as possible.


  • Home mortgages

    Whether you're buying, building or refinancing a first home, second home or income property Premier Bank helps you find the most attractive rate and loan structure. Take the first step.

  • Construction loan

    Building a new home can be an overwhelming adventure. Our lenders can help you stay on budget through the construction process while offering competitive rates with same day fund availability. More here.

  • Home equity

    We’ve got loans or lines of credit, depending on your needs. Flexible term options will help you set a monthly payment that fits into your budget. More here.

  • Customizable credit card

    Everything you’ve ever wanted in a credit card. You can earn rewards, get cash back, plus put your photo on your card! Click here to learn moreAccess My Account

  • Personal line of credit

    Just write a check for the money you need. This flexible credit line can also cover overdrafts on your Premier checking account.

  • Auto/Toy loans

    When buying a new car or boat, there are many things to consider. What color should I go for? What kind of mileage does it get? Can this boat handle the hard-core skiers? We’ll make the finance part of it easy, so you can concentrate on the really important parts! View rates.

  • Business loans

    Choose from a variety of commercial financing options to fit your needs or ask Premier to create an alternative package.

  • Unsecured loans

    Make that investment, or just get some extra cash to help alleviate a temporary cash flow crunch.

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